By Mia bags team
Hi! We are sisters from Slovenia (Europe), passionate about beautiful things, animals, food and sunny weather ♥︎


Our designs are inspired by love, nature, simplicity and cuteness. We are making them for you – cool people, who remain playful and not ‘afraid’ to stand out with a unicorn on their tote bag 😉

We make sure our products are best suited to you and for the environment. We constantly strive to become eco-friendly brand by using sustainable materials, including paper and ink.

By Mia bags products are illustrated, designed and hand-printed with screen printing technique in our home, by us. All paper goods are made in a small printing house in Ljubljana.


Mia is only 14 years old illustrator. She is a true example of passionate cat lover, a book worm and noodle obsessed vegetarian.

Anja is her older sister and stands behind brand, graphic design, photography and media. She is industrial design student at Ljubljana Academy and loves food, animals, good design and always pays a lot of attention to details.

And of course Blue, our fluffiest dog

By Mia bags team
Thank you so much for supporting young business owners, local and handmade products ♥︎
By Mia bags team

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